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The key to high performance and growth of your business is your Team.


Many tasks, tight schedules, constant availability in the different media and the wrong habits of our modern lifestyle create stress and tension in your team.
The result
recurring illnesses, overworked employees, and Burnout. Many sick days, the team is unfocused, ineffective, creativity and service diminish.
Goals and achievements of the company are endangered.

Our goal is to create a workplace and an environment that strengthens, supports and helps to maximize talent and gifts.

The Cyber Room improves individual performance and motivation, strengthen sales, integrates departments, creates an atmosphere of innovation, and secures the company's long-term success.

The Cyber Room helps employees to act more efficiently and creatively.






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Sphere Amazon
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Office Japan

Multinationals such as SAP, Amazon, Google, Skype invest very large budgets in beautiful office environments, high-quality food, meeting places where employees can exchange, as well as hip fitness or alternative ways e.g. yoga

Our solution also enables small and medium-sized businesses to use the Cyber Room. Our goal is not the environment but the individual. We want to help each one improve "content" and "performance".

How do we achieve this? Our exercises focus on three key areas that we've filtered out over 12 years of employee training for large companies.


consists of one or more physical spaces in your company.

It facilitates easy access that provides each employee with "physical strength", "new energy" or "focus and relaxation" as favored.

The practice sessions take about 6, 15 or 30 minutes. The programs can run throughout the day. Special clothing is not required in most cases.

Through regular training, the employee will develop physical, mental and emotional strength.

Focus, Performance, effectiveness, and results will increase steadily and thus bring new creativity, motivation into the working day and thus shape the long-term success of the company.


After a short time your employees will:
- Improve the quality and performance of their work
- Increase creativity and satisfaction
- Lower stress reactions that negatively affect the working environment
- Reduce sick days and improve the working atmosphere as a whole
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An effective training system that combines techniques from yoga and martial arts.

Exercise sequences work physically, mentally and emotionally.

The vegetative nervous system is triggered to get calm.
Dissolve tension and stiffness

Relaxed music

Exercise in nature

Exercise instructions without explanatory component.
3 Dimensional movement

Training whole areas of muscles and tendons

Re-aline body structure

Body and mind are working together in every exercise.


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