To develop clarity and fitness, being able to perform as you want in all life`s area, you need more than just a workshop or a relaxing holiday.
Our products offer you a way to be focused, calm and healthy, the three keys to an optimal result.

Here you will find programs that are targeting a specific problem and supporting your daily routine.
We know that you have a full busy life and don’t always feel like going somewhere after work. Our product are fully or partly Online, so that you can enjoy them at your our time and convenience.
You can also enjoy ongoing training at our Online Studio, from home, whenever you want how often you want.

Empty your Mind - five ways to get clear and focused.

Powerful ways to get centered fast.

Here you find five wonderful methods to quit your Mind.
This program is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and "busy People" always on the run.
Only 15 minutes a Day can change your World forever!
You get clear, calm and focused for the Day



Burnout Solution.

Empowering people to eliminate overwhelm and regain a silent, clear mind.

With this powerful program we are helping our clients get focused, calm and energetic. You will develop physical Fitness and be ready to move forward in life experiencing success both in business and private. This program will help YOU overcome Burnout without medication and give you the tools to sustain clarity and health.




The future of Workplace ...

The key to high performance and growth of your business is your Team.


Many tasks, tight schedules, constant availability in the different media and the wrong habits of our modern lifestyle create stress and tension in your team.
The result
recurring illnesses, overworked employees, and Burnout. Many sick days, the team is unfocused, ineffective, creativity and service diminish.
Goals and achievements of the company are endangered.

Our goal is to create a workplace and an environment that strengthens, supports and helps to maximize talent and gifts.

The Cyber Room improves individual performance and motivation, strengthen sales, integrates departments, creates an atmosphere of innovation, and secures the company's long-term success.

The Cyber Room helps employees to act more efficiently and creatively.




Happy Back Solution

A special sequence to release tension, pain and stiffness from back, neck and joints in only 30 minutes practice.

Israel 10.-11. November 2016, Germany 20.-21. January 2017

In the last 12 years working with people, back pain is one of the most common suffering of our participants.
To get help most people choose a massage, a pain killer and in extreme cases a shot.
Unfortunately all of these are helping only for a short time, do not treat the root of the problem and do not offer a long term solution.
Busy daily life is creating a lot of tension. The feeling that all is “sitting on our shoulders” and the mental stress, leads to a physical contraction that causes compression in the spine and the joints.
Spinal compression reduces the spaces between the vertebrae causing pressure on the nerves that causes back pain.
Many of us spend our day sitting or standing for many hours, often in a wrong posture. The result: stiffness and pain.

Balanced Blood Pressure

A natural way to reduce blood pressure, by building physical and mental balance.

Israel 24.-25. November 2016, Germany 03.- 04. February 2017

High blood pressure is a common and dangerous problem, unfortunately in many cases discovered very late.
It is hard to detect because there are no obvious symptoms and Blood pressure can change several times a day. In the long run it can cause severe diseases such as stroke, heart attack or kidney failure. That is why, it is also called the "silent killer".
Today there is little knowledge how to ease blood pressure in natural ways.

Our experience shows that mental and physical practice balances the system, proper nutrition and a good daily routine can both prevent and treat the problem.
Researchers are blaming different factors like overweight, poor sleep, too much caffeine or alcohol, strong emotions, Plaque in arteria caused either from too much salt or diabetes, lack of physical activity and Stress.
High Blood pressure also called Hypertonie is quiet a dangerous thing and the real downside of it is, the medication does not heal and often have tremendous side effects.
We believe that the cause is mostly a combination of the things said above. Therefor the solution must be holistic.

Sleep like a baby

A series of techniques that helps to dive into a deep and continuous sleep and wake up refreshed and full of energy.

Israel 17.-18. November 2016, Germany 27.-28. January 2017

It is not necessarily because of our busy routine that we feel like we carry the fatigue from one day to the other without ever recovering. It is because of the lack of regeneration during our sleep.
If you sleep well, you will wake up in the morning full of energy and anticipation for the coming day.
If you do not remember how this feels like, then you are at the right place and we have the solution for you.

Sleeping disorders are common, whether it's difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night and not being unable to fall back asleep, wake up exhausted because the sleep was not refreshing, or many bothering dreams and mental unrest resulting from the busy routine.
The sleeping process affects not only the physical regeneration and our energy level, but also the digestion, metabolism, mood, quality of thoughts and feelings and the ability to concentrate.
Bad sleep affects the general health condition, especially if you have a busy routine the regeneration is crucial.