Balanced Blood Pressure

A natural way to reduce blood pressure, by building physical and mental balance.

Israel 24.-25. November 2016, Germany 03.- 04. February 2017

High blood pressure is a common and dangerous problem, unfortunately in many cases discovered very late.
It is hard to detect because there are no obvious symptoms and Blood pressure can change several times a day. In the long run it can cause severe diseases such as stroke, heart attack or kidney failure. That is why, it is also called the "silent killer".
Today there is little knowledge how to ease blood pressure in natural ways.

Our experience shows that mental and physical practice balances the system, proper nutrition and a good daily routine can both prevent and treat the problem.
Researchers are blaming different factors like overweight, poor sleep, too much caffeine or alcohol, strong emotions, Plaque in arteria caused either from too much salt or diabetes, lack of physical activity and Stress.
High Blood pressure also called Hypertonie is quiet a dangerous thing and the real downside of it is, the medication does not heal and often have tremendous side effects.
We believe that the cause is mostly a combination of the things said above. Therefor the solution must be holistic.


Jump Start
Key technics you will take home
- breathing techniques to help release emotions, thoughts and mental stress.

- Motions that help to move the attention from the mind to the body and create inner peace.

-Tools to balance the level of mental and physical tension.

- How to balance the metabolism, the hormonal level and improve your sleep.

You will get all the details of the sequence, so that you will be able to practice independently at home.
In order to integrate the sequence easily in your routine, the length is only 20-30 minutes. With a few times a week practice you will be able to achieve good results and regular practice will help you to solve the problem for good.

Food can be a major cause of trouble. We will give you a personalized nutrition plan as a Bonus.


"The physical work touched me on a level I did not know before. After the first day I felt full of energy, solid and centered with a good plan where to go from here."                                       
Ines, Physio
"The physical Program suited me perfect and the Nutrition Consulting did the job. I felt a change right from the beginning. The win for me: I learned ho to handle my inner turmoil and get it quiet."
Michael, Tax Consultant

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Send your Information and we will send all needed Details per E-Mail.
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Given the multiple causes of the problem, we developed a series of tools to balance the factors of influence.
This will ensure a good functioning of our natural blood pressure regulation system.

AnanDao is an integral Program and combines physical exercises with mental training, which originates in Yoga and Martial Arts. This way of exercising has helped many people which truly wanted to change.
Are you also ready for a change now? If yes, get in touch with us now.
No prior knowledge is required!
The seminar will be Friday and Saturday from 9:00 - 15:00, for more details please contact us.
Please dress comfortable for physical training. At times of centering it might get cold, during physical work it might get warm. You can bring a small towel, water and something for lunch.
November 2016 Kfar Saba, Israel. February 2017 Hockenheim, Germany.

This product is part of a whole series of special solutions we have designed. These are giving answers to the most common health problems such as chronic back pain, sleeping disorders, high blood pressureburnout, stress management and personal transformation.

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