Siemens baut weltweit rund 7800 Stellen ab. Quelle: dpa

Handelsblatt 6.02.2015 Siemens 7800 Jobs wordlwide canceled!

Older Managers with even older ideologies at work - Spare cost at all cost!
Cancel Jobs is not exactly a new technice to cut cost. But is that what you would call creative? certainly not.  But how will that lack of creativity take us through the next decade? Using cheap labour exports jobs and might do the trick for the next two to three years. But how long will it take for Countries like India or China to ctach up with the west? Once upon a time even Portugal, Spain and even Japan was cheap. Times have changed and so have cost.

I expect more from a Management which runs big Conglomerates worldwide. Management by numbers allone is losing ground and rightfully so. The bad news for managers is that approach will be covered by the next App. We need to understand that only continues creativity put to work will help Managers to face the coming challenges. Things do not get more simple and might need continues processes to create this kind of thinking.

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