The AnanDao system is based on many various practices from Daoist and Yoga traditions.  The secret of meeting the different physical and mental needs of our times lies in the diversity of these practices.

While many of us like our peace and quiet, others prefer to test their limits with vigour.  To achieve this, we have developed various concepts based on our expertise in Yoga and Martial arts, so-called AnanDao modules, which contain a selection of coordinated practices.

In addition to that we have developed special solution of Natural healing motion to give answer to the most common problems like chronic back pain, sleeping disorders, high blood pressure, burnoutstress management and personal transformation.

Elements, such as long stretching and rotation, power and balancing exercises, are combined with gentle, undulating, spiral and circular movements.  Even followers who have no particular spiritual interest will experience the next phase of meditative inner energisation as an enrichment.

From dynamic and quick - to slow and gentle movements, consistent with what we in the West know as the Yin-Yang principle.  Some exercises demand power and strength, others help us to become softer and calmer. The special feature of AnanDao is the combination of fitness-promoting exercises and stress-reducing energisation.

The aim is to let the mind come to rest and make the body fit through strong, physical work.   By investing this energy, the practitioner can find his/her center and connect with a tranquility, which is difficult to experience in our daily lives.  The focus can be centered on any one of the sequences, according to individual conditions and goals.

Our various AnanDao modules are ideal for this.  The Pure Power module has a very physical focus, although at the same time its gentle sequences have a calming effect on the mind.

A sequence such as Strength and Lightness is a balanced combination of strong and gentle body work.

Our module „Endless Relaxation„ is very calm, the work with the body is very gentle.  The training session is deeply effective and energizing at an inner level.  This sequence is especially suitable for those suffering from stress or even burnout.

However, all AnanDao modules have one goal:  to develop physical fitness and to gather and store energy, channeling it to the right places in the body.  To sense inner tranquility, to connect with the earth and draw strength from it:  That is AnanDao. 

Overview of the AnanDao Modules

Awakening and Recharging

The body is activated by small circular and spiral movements as well as long stretching.  The exercises guide us to our centre and help us to gather and store energy.  This stored energy is used to work, heal and strengthen.  Amongst other things, we use the Qi Ball which is based on the Daoist principle of energy cultivation.

Endless Relaxation

Unites body and mind.  In this module we are guided to peace through gentle stretching and flowing movements. Energy is gathered and stored, the practitioner connects with the forces of regeneration and healing.  Intensive energy work enables the inner organs to stimulate and revitalize.

Motion into Silence

Learn to feel your body.  This module begins with flowing, stretching body work and continues into a calm phase of energizing exercise.  The movement is constantly flowing – without beginning or end.  Tranquility unfolds in body and mind and the energy expansion is perceptible.

Open Your Heart

Open your heart and find your way to more positive emotion.  In this sequence, chest, shoulders and upper back become flexible and open.  Opposites like small and large movements, flowing and static stretching are practiced.  The practitioner becomes increasingly soft in his/her movements and thereby softer within.  Negative emotions are dissolved, positive emotions reawakened and intensified.

Pure Power

This module challenges the entire body.  It strengthens ligaments, tendons and muscles.  Through specific stretching exercises, the meridians are opened, so that the Qi/Prana can flow freely.  The practitioner completes this sequence with a deeper sense of harmony in body and mind.

Strength and Lightness

Strength often lies in ease.  In this module, the muscle groups, joints and spine become supple through soft undulating movements.  A strong physical sequence follows the stretching, strengthening balance and connection with the earth.  The undulating movements are responsive to the element of water and allow body fluids and the Qi/Prana to flow, thereby connecting the practitioner with the River of Life.

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