AnanDao is a new innovative exercising concept, consisting of yoga and martial art elements which complement each other and fit together uniquely. The practice combines flowing movements, rhythm, posture, breathing and inner observation.  It is a powerful method to reestablish our inner balance and body Fitness.  The aim of the AnanDao exercise program is to develop general mental and physical strength, reduce Stress and get focused and clear.  We make contact with our energies, locate blockages and learn how to open them.  We learn how to regain balance with ourselves and our body.

In these fast-moving times, we are put more and more under time and performance pressure.  Everything has to be taken care of immediately.  Thanks to modern technology, we can be reached almost anywhere and anytime.  Differentiating between what is important and what is not becomes more and more difficult.  Many of us are living in the fast-lane…

Take a break from this and rediscover your body and mind.  Find and maintain your inner energy, your flexibility and boost your physical and mental strengths.
Many aspects of our program are scientifically recognized.  Western clinical studies have shown that the regular practice of Tai Chi can have diverse positive effects upon various aspects of physical health, for example on the cardio-vascular system, the immune system, sensitivity to pain, balance and generally on body control, mobility and strength.

This is precisely why we have developed AnanDao.  AnanDao invites you to look much deeper.

It encourages us to approach and address the important questions in life:

  • What is my personal goal?
  • Who am I?
  • What is really important to me?
  • What does happiness mean to me?

The AnanDao-Module

The AnanDao system is comprised of modules.  Each module has a different focus, a different level of physical difficulty and a different intensity of energy work.  The various exercise modules produce a unique experience in body work and inner energy which builds up within you, carries and holds you.  The aim of each module is to help us restore harmony.  For example, one unit combines circular spiral movements, Yoga-Asana sequences, Qi-Gong and Tai Chi elements with powerful energy work.  It is dynamic and flowing, yet playful body work.

The AnanDao exercises help us to regain our health, to mobilise our strengths and let go of old, restricting beliefs.  This in turn enables us to lead a new, free life:  in harmony with our being.  At the same time, AnanDao is not only a way inwards – as many think – but rather a means of arming ourselves against everyday challenges.

After only a short time, one can sense the far-reaching effects of AnanDao, whereby a process of transformation is initiated.  The longer one practices, the better one feels:  physically, mentally and spiritually.

Die AnanDao-Module

  • Pure Power
  • Motion into Silence
  • Awakening and Recharging
  • Open Your Heart
  • Strength and Lightness
  • Endless Relaxation
  • Wudang Arts

Our mission in life is to decide how we use our time before it is swallowed up by everyday "common" life.

Ralf Peekel